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About LA TAQS Program

The Los Angeles Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Tools for Assessing Quality of Services (LA TAQS) Program

Program Description

Westside Regional Center, in partnership with North Los Angeles County Regional Center, aimed to improve assessment and treatment services for clients with dual diagnoses of mental health and developmental disabilities through the Los Angeles Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Tools for Assessing Quality of Services (LA TAQS) Program. Its goals were to identify what assessment and treatment models are being utilized for those with dual diagnosis, develop quality assessment tools to evaluate best practices, and improve integrated systems of care for clients with dual diagnoses.

Through a comprehensive needs assessment, LA TAQS described current services in Western and Northern Los Angeles County and created a tool to facilitate understanding of the quality of assessments and treatments for children and adults with dual diagnoses. The collaboration developed two tools: (1) a tool that can be used by other agencies to evaluate their practices and improve their systems of care, and (2) a tool to be used by clients and family members to consider their own care.

Using the tools may allow the agencies and direct service providers to determine whether there are barriers or gaps to quality and effective service delivery. Additionally, clients with dual diagnoses and their families may be equipped to use the tool to effectively communicate concerns with their providers. This can help reduce service gaps and potential barriers to care since the client and their families can use the tool to advocate for appropriate care and services.

Upon completion of the development of the tools, the final aim of this project was to educate community and agency stakeholders on how to use the tools through in-service trainings. The trainings provided detailed information about the tools, including instructions on how they can be effectively used when working with clients and providers.

Quality of Care Resources

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